Monday, June 5, 2017

Photog's choice #2- Forest Adventure

The topic was my own and I decided to take some photos of a different forest this time instead of the one I live right by in my neighborhood. The forest I took pictures in was at Cook Park in Tigard, Oregon via a rabbit trail. Always have adventures and explore!

Friday, June 2, 2017

Photo Essay

      The world we live in today is a very technologically powered and centered. With times changing so does the people and it's standards. When the standards change so does education and how it's used. As an alternative option to regular school, students can attend online school. The Tigard Tualitin Online Academy in Tualitin, Oregon was gracious enough for me to write an essay on their school.
Taking online school as opposed to regular school is becoming a more common option in our time.            Students will either apply for the academy or be transfered in by the main school they would have attended. Some students attend because of lack of trust in others when it comes to group projects and having their grade suffer; and others, so that they can work ahead and get their schooling done faster. Some students even manage to juggle working full time with their classes. Each person has a different reason why they attend the academy. Life in 2017 has pushed us to try a more personalized approach to get more one-on-one with teachers and be able to graduate. For some that requires switching their style of schooling and take online classes. People and society have been pushing online education for several years now more then ever. You can work ahead and can take breaks as you please. Study day or night where ever there is a decent wifi connection. However, like some of the students, you could slack off and fall behind. Resulting in an unfinished class and the increasing chance of getting kicked out.
            People are vary curious on the topic of online school and how it works. I decided that, as a student of the online academy, I would help educate others on the topic so that they would understand what online school is all about. Helping people understand online school could help prevent misunderstanding on the topic and inform how classes work. This topic is significant to me because I had once gotten in a huge argument with my grandmother over how the fact I could study at home and home wasn't a "learning or school environment". Through the power of photography I decided to display the environment and day to day activities at the academy. I would like my viewers to better understand the subject and consider the possibilities of a technology based education.
   All of the staff at the center is really nice and understanding. Students and even I have gotten the chance to learn more about our core class teachers. The teachers are very encouraging and celebrate students being ahead. If you ever get sick or decide to stick at home for a study party of one, they are just one email away to help you if you get stuck or don't understand a question or the material. Students seem to like it here and even have the opportunity of meeting new people or finding people from your school who also go there. Everyone is like one big family and there is a good portion of students who are set to graduate or graduate early. 
   Online education can be very mentally exhausting but it is worth it. The staff is kind, students work hard at getting classes finished, and you can study whenever. When you put your heart into studying and have a motive to keep you going you'll finish your classes in no time at all.  
Peter Linnell, the math teacher, checking in with a student on her progress in classes.

The Tigard Tualatin Online Academy has a different approach to the classic classroom interior. People have the option of picking a table to do their class studies or take a seat at a desktop. Graduated students from 2012 up to 2017 line the walls with their portrait. Flags of all sorts from countries, the gay pride flag, and even pirate flags line the upper walls. 

Arielle Cooke, the science teacher, checking her email and eating breakfast.
Students have the opportunity of bringing in drinks as well as long as they care capped. Here a student is drinking a Dutch Brothers drink while finishing a class.  
Students are required to attend two meetings at the academy per week unless if it is a shorter week in which you would only need to attend one. Sessions can run in afternoon and/or the morning as well as the teachers switching off who does it.
The teachers each make different topics for the student meetings and will even have lesson plans. Here Peter Linnell teaches students how to start saving for retirement and become rich in the process. 
 Teachers are out in the open beside where students have the option of studying and where meeting take place. Here Arielle Cooke and Peter Linnell are checking their emails and getting ready for helping out students. 
Peter Linnell checking in with another student on her progress. Students can also take this time during check-ins to get help from the teacher in some subjects.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Photog's Choice- Happiness

For my choice piece I had decided to cover happiness. This was an idea a friend of mine had given me. I dove into the topic trying to think of how you could photograph happiness. Looking left and right as to how to cover such a broad and general topic, I figured out what I should do in defining happiness. Happiness can be defined in many ways but it means different things to different people. Here are pictures of people and activities that make me happy.